I'd just like to be a girl for a second and divulge my guilty obsession with Elin Kling. She has wicked taste and even blogs on her findings which range from high end Isabel Marant to low Forever 21. LOVE her.


Inspired stillness. Photographer Olga Bennett; styling by Kim Kneipp.

and so continues my obsession with delicate, handmade boats..





and back. computer issues and life of course. now let's look at something pretty:

helena christensen's old home from French Vogue circa 2009. i'll post her new pad tomorrow which I love quite equally.


Some of my favorite styling by Emily Henderson. Her style styling stays pretty consistent from show to show but I'm always blown away by her mini "moments".



A long hiatus.  A girl squeezing the last days of summer while she can.  Here comes fall..  

The following are some of my favorite pieces from Favor Jewelry.  They have the most simple, irresistibly classic designs and I can't wait till pay day because the Niche bracelet is mine!  Styling by Chelsea Fuss



Appreciating the calmness of a closet and solitude in the perfect piece. I don't blog often about what fills my 9-5 but stepping back the things I touch and give life to everyday can be pretty special. It's no saving babies but I enjoy the process of perfection.