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I'm constantly on the hunt for the perfect coral lipstick, especially in a matte. This is an effort I've exhausted time and time again because just like hair color, the best reds are made in Europe. While Mac makes a great pro pigment (NeoOrange), Makeup Forever has the best lip liner (18c), and Revlon has the best budget lipgloss (Coral Reef), no one does it better than Illamasqua. They create the most pigmented, matte colors in the market, it's no wonder they go for $20 a pop.

How gorgeous is this packaging? I love the import-inspired design and thoughtful color choice. Marypat Pastry Shop by Wallnut Studio.



Braid alternatives: Fringe plaits, fishtails, and caging.


get back




Once in a great while I stumble across something so brilliantly staggering that it leaves me awestruck & wordless. "Jayme's 10th Mad Hatter Tea Party Unbirthday" is not only the perfect idea, but was captured perfectly in the photography shot by Ryan Savella.
How I wish to be 10 again.

{Ryan Savella}

More from Miss Ukon because at the moment I just can't get enough as my closet palette becomes lighter & lighter..

AMAZING triple heel Acne pumps via Sea of Shoes. They appear surprisingly wearable & comfy, plus I'm diggin the gold polish.

Miss Ukon: Storybook Love, Spring/Summer Collection 2010

All the colors & fabric are so yummy and whimsical. Flip through this designer's dreamy collections for not only great pieces, but to bring back that first love feeling..


shakuhachi spring/summer 2010 preview. loves.

(eat me)


If only we all wandered into little spurts of inspiration every day...

happy beautiful friday.



Piccolo Affogato al Caffe
3 cups vanilla gelato or ice cream
2 cups strongly brewed espresso
Garnish: espresso beans

Arrange 12 small glasses on a rimmed baking sheet. Fill each with 1/4 cup gelato. Freeze until firm, about 30 minutes. Pour 3 tablespoons espresso over each. Garnish with espresso beans. Serve immediately.


A long obsession, Revlon's matte lipstick collection in Pink Pout. Freakishly inexpensive & better than my normal Mac "matte" lipstick splurges. Also try, Pink about It & Strawberry Suede. Swatches here.


hard vs. soft//

Really big fan of Maria Nilsdotter and I really love this piece. She describes her work as "wearable art but with a humorous side".

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Part of great styling is presenting product in a way that does not look "styled," instead almost through happenstance. I think Lo Bjurulf did a great job demonstrating this in his simple yet effective work for NK Stil. Everything is right where it belongs.

something soft.

Styling done by Stella Nicolaisen. Totally mastered the "art of the throw".

Girl likes her gin, let's just lay that right on the table. I love this simple, classic packaging done by Silje Bl├Žnes. The bound cinnamon stick is just the icing on the cake.

Sweet Tooth

How innovative and ADORABLE are these? Makes me want to throw a kid's party..

yummy treats with retro porcelain influence..


Gimme your pants & hair

Love this girl. Her doll-like features and great style make her blog a must-view.


I don't fancy writing much about my days but today is an exception. Today was rough. Sometimes these hopeless moments make me step outside myself and notice the pretty little things that somehow become huge glimpses of home. Finding the perfect lipstick. Stopping to smell the flowers. Capturing all of this.




"Young love" photoshoot by Wildflowers Photography. Too stinking cute.