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A little sparkle, disheveled structure, and pops of mustard, olive and pink.



As a part-time hairstylist I frequent many beauty blogs along with my design blog reads. Recently I stumbled across a stylist by the name of Lou Young stationed in London. I was extremely impressed by his approach and found him to be one of the more unique stylists I've encountered. He believes in embracing hair's natural texture and frowns upon over-styling and "ridiculous" hair show examples. I find this incredibly refreshing because I've always approached my client's hair in the same way. Don't work against nature, embrace what you have. So, to all my fellow fine-haired manes, the link to the BEST fine haired article out there:

I am loving the idea of these centerpieces from Love'n Fresh Flowers. The arrangement is organic and simply beautiful. I'm thinking of using a similar concept for Christmas gifts this year, but subbing the pumpkin for something more season appropriate. Adding a modern element, such as glass or votive candles, to the piece could create that Christmas twinkle and eliminate the perishable goods. Could turn into something a little more lasting and permanent.



Today my fishbowl windows feel more like a snowglobe and I'm sitting indian style at my desk drinking red wine and thinking about cheese & chocolate. Not allowing myself to drive anywhere justifies not going to the gym which in turn justifies turning thoughts of food into action. Happy pre-thanksgiving and for whatever your little stomach calls, answer it.

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Still no computer :( But, alas! New bambi pictures @ DesertFox! And those brows always make my day.



Photography by Camilla Åkrans. So airy, light, angelic. I'd be scared to touch a thing.



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Okay, fine. I'll type more. It's become apparent that my self-indulgent posts of visual photogasmic eye candy is lacking content and a voice. So, let's talk. Let's discuss. And even if you scroll down just to see the pictures, like flipping through USWeekly, at least you have the option.

Below are some ridiculous photographs by Petra Bindel done for Elle Decoration (Swedish edition). The styling is A++ and I'm truly loving the organic feel in each pic. I believe the art text in the first pic is some sort of cord or wire, either fits beautifully above the workspace. Speaking of wires, I've find exposed skinny electrical wires, strung effortlessly, to be especially appealing as of late. Something I would ordinarily try to hide. In the second pic, you can see an example of this adding realness and functionality to the space. And don't even get me started on those workshop chairs..

Weather inapprop, but gorgeous none-the-less. Can I be soft & whimsical in winter? Can I crank up the heat in my apartment to 80degrees, wear cream sequins, and plant flowers in pretty vintage glass vases?

The answer is: yes.


monsters: oh my!

A little post-halloween monsterness. These little guys, created by Wendy June, put a smile on my face. Might have to add her Christmas card collection to this year's must-haves. (To gift and of course keep a couple for myself) ;)