Best fall 2010 Runway hair:
(Prabal Gurung, Lela Rose, Doo.Ri, Marc Jacobs)

Falling for the loose retro inspirations & effortless matte bedhead. Gorg.


YSL (is YUM)

Dear Rich Man of My Future,
I would like some bling please.


just to remind myself, summer isn't over yet.



Note to self: fit large things in narrow topped bottles & don't fret when the seams begin to rip.


In celebration of Emily Henderson's big win on Design Star, I felt compelled to include my favorites from her portfolio works. Can't wait to watch her show "Secrets From A Stylist", Sunday!

pink + orange

One of my very favorite color combinations. Feelin' this collection lookbook.




Really falling for these still-life sets by Laura Letinsky. There is such an intimacy to them, a savored moment. Like waking up after indulgence reluctant to clean up whatever mess you made.

Teal + Gunshop

Lovin' Miss "Circa Now". Two days ago a boy from London came into the store looking for a pink blazer for his girl. Now I get it.


Loving your roots

I've said it again and again, I love when functionality meets trendy. Ombre highlights (done by free hand or balayage) has been one of my favorite hair color trends in the salon world for years but since we've been so conditioned to fear re-growth or root color, it hasn't caught on to the general public. I'm so glad to see it being done right as of late and just in time for fall. Finally, less re-touching tight to scalp highlights every 4 weeks. This is a trend we can literally "grow into".

When centuries marry..

"Modern, meet Victorian." "Primitive, meet Chic."



Now this is just silly. Me falling for a Victoria Secret design/ad concept? Ugh, the girly girl inside me starts to rear her ugly little self again.

Pretty in PINK. Styling is magical and I'm impressed. 'Nuff said.


Design Star (yes, I do)

Really really psyched about this room, even more psyched to watch Emily kill it next weekend. She has come out of her shell 180degrees from show start and it's been exciting to finally watch her do her thing. I think this room is perfect and wish I could transport that glass box to Minneapolis. Also wishing these weren't stills, hope HGTV posts some real pics soon.

Wishing I was younger, richer, playing dress-up.


Roland Perrson photography for HM home. I want to be here, touch everything, but move nothing. Loves.




love this girl's taste. little fashion muse.



Bambi for Shakuhachi

I'm completely enamored with this entire collection.