too close to home

Sorry it's been a minute. Lots of otherwise work life going on. Here is one of my favorite rooms partially because it reminds me so much of my own.

{Photo by Matt Albiani, Domino, June 2008}


I absolutely adore this nursery. The sherbet colors, family keepsakes, and fun paperworks installation make this room visually appealing but also realistic and functional.


Plant fibre & skeleton leaves by Pacha Design. I love the "float" ability these lanterns possess. Airy and light, as if they shouldn't be anywhere near a flame.



Oh, JCrew, you do it to me everytime. Love the stripes, feminine cardigan, sequins, blazer, skinny belt, and hair.


I've always loved simple postal handtags and innovative uses thereof. Postal Press does a great job of re-inventing these little guys by creating save the date invites & display tags on bottles.



I love this space. The touches of natural elements, the re-purposing of functional objects, and the rawness of taped up photographs & hanging string.

When I think of going to the cabin a little hint of stress always accompanies the thought. While I myself do not have one, I've joined many friends and family to "rough-it" for the weekend at theirs. When I saw Henriette Willerup and Anton Greiffenberg's "Villa Else" I imagined they never have to worry about weekend getaway anxieties, instead immersifying themselves in a second home that feels like a first.



//things that sparkle//


all in knots

Messy chignons entwined with braids.
Diego Binetti 2010, hair by Thomas Dunkin @ Sebastian Professional. (Bottom pic Malandrino)


As blog hunting goes, I stumble across one amazing thing only to find another.

Below: photographs by Mandy Lynne, posted at Ellie's blog "Lovelie", who I stumbled upon after reading Heather's blog "Gathering Spriggs".

{Sibella Court}

Finally picked up "etcetera etc".
Worth every penny...


Three of my favorite things:
perfectly tousled blonde hair
dark thick eyebrows
bright matte red lips

heart Wildfox Resort 2010.