Smother yourself in oversized prints and slip-off-your-bod separates; courtesy of Stine Goya for The Loft.



Can you marry a blog? Because if so I think I just stumbled upon my soul-mate. Oh Sweet Woods is everything I want my blog to be; quiet, momentous, a place where images speak for themselves. Maybe she could be my silent wife, nodding her head, humoring the rants of my work day while stirring the soup on the stove...

Ephemera is evolving into still-life & home rather than the fashion, "pretty things" collective it began as. I'm spending an increasing amount of time tending to houseplants and collecting feathers from the sidewalk because I'm realizing it matters less about who I am and more about what I surround myself in.

So Mark Bailey is one of my favorite stylists no doubt. My jaw drops at his work and I'm blown away again and again every time I google his name. He makes me ache for white walls, crushed linen, and exposed radiators. And can someone please tell me where I can acquire my own vintage airplane?


all flustered over

"Spaces" by Ngoc Minh Ngo