The obsession with glass and hanging objects continues. I feel so inspired to buy a home with an attic and hang mason jars and birdcages all above me.

{source; unknown}

On my top five list of favorite things. Antique bottles with wild flowers.

Check out Model Alexander Spencer's blog here. I love her look, so naturally the photography is flawless.


Wild Things

The fishtail. So effortless yet so chic. Thanks for coming back..



White linen, over-sized chandelier, antique mirror and modern white vases. Feels like home..

Rainy Day..



Love this pic & outfit. Layers of rings and loosely tailored outfit. Perfect.


family tree

Breathtakingly magical. I love the idea of hanging family photos with mix-matched frames for this beautiful wedding styled by Rebecca Stone for Duet Weddings. Their work is jaw-dropping, flip through their gallery for more proof.



Years ago I became obsessed with typography and other graphic elements such as brushes, ornaments, and "digital texture". I stumbled across Eduardo Recife in my early years of web design. He supplies free downloadable brushes and fonts for the public, which in my opinion are the BEST out there aesthetically. Check him out and play around with his creations, you'll never be able to look at "Times New Roman" the same.

(pothole gardens)

Absolutely magnificently genius.

I mean seriously, need I say more?


Finally, some wearable hair this season that people can relate to. I'm loving the loose updo's, skyhigh buns, and tousled braids all over the runway. And it's about time the industry starts talking about it's best kept secret: dry shampoo. Allure did a whole article in June's edition about just that. Let's start putting down the flat irons and start loving organic, natural texture.
Happy Monday! I want to share today the deliciousness that is 'Cannelle et Vanille', a wonderful blog with yummy pictures and even yummier recipes. Best of all, most are gluten free which makes me feel that even with food limitations, my mouth can water.



I'm a sucker for things in unpredictable locations whether it be a couch in the middle of a forest, or a paper crane hanging from a lightpost.

This would be along those lines..

Sheer and barefeet..

When I had stumbled across this online magazine months ago, I immediately was inspired to search high and low for terracotta pots. I am so drawn to their texture and natural form. I scored a box of 20, various sizes, for free via Craigslist! I love when something so ordinary becomes so chic and organic.


I want to start this blog with something big enough to make a fuss about. An essential, a "can't live without." Something that will give you a taste to my crazy messy world of tangible loveliness.

Ranunculus, you had me at hello..